Terms and conditions - monu celebrates 1.birthday!

1. Limited offer

There is a maximum of 2000 iOS offer codes. These are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Multiple entries are not possible or prohibited. A user can secure a maximum of 1 code. Securing multiple codes for an offer is not permitted and may result in no further codes being redeemable.

2. Condition for voucher code

Redeeming an offer code is free of charge. The iOS offer code is valid for 1 month after successful redemption. Redeeming the offer purchases the monu Pro BRONZE subscription. After expiration of the offer, the monu Pro BRONZE subscription is automatically renewed, unless it is independently cancelled in the Apple App Store before expiration.

If a customer opts for the “monu Pro” subscription, the iTunes account will be charged. 24 hours before the end of the automatic renewal, the purchase will be charged. The automatic renewal of the subscription options can be stopped at any time in the settings in the iTunes Store.

Prices are in euros, may differ in other countries and may change without notice. Availability of the offer (countries/regions and subscription options) is also subject to change without notice.

Without a subscription, the app can also be used for free, with advertising and some restrictions.
A subscription or a voucher campaign brings no advertising and no limits and restrictions on the functions. The app is therefore fully usable.

The terms of use apply.

3. Period of validity 

An offer code can be secured until 09/30/2021 23:59:59. The code is valid and redeemable until 08.03.2021 23:59:59.

4. Redeem code

Offer codes are distributed within the iOS app and can be redeemed on devices running iOS 14.1 and iPadOS 14.1 (or later) via the redemption process in the App Store or within the “monu” iOS app.

5. Customer authorization

Individuals with an iTunes account in the following countries are eligible:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Italy

Offer applies to new, existing and lapsed subscribers/customers.
Customers can still receive the available introductory offer when redeeming.

An offer code can only be secured if the region of the iOS device is in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Italy. Offer availability is subject to change without notice. An offer may also not be available to customers without a comprehensible reason.

6. Exclusion

Instagram/Facebook is not associated with this coupon code promotion. Further, the coupon code promotion is not sponsored, endorsed or organized by Instagram/Facebook. Motecso OG is responsible for this coupon code promotion. Any questions or complaints regarding the promotion should be directed to support@motecso.com.

7. Legal situation

These conditions of participation are subject to Austrian law.
The legal process is excluded. The voucher codes cannot be paid out, exchanged or refunded.

8. Data protection

Saving an offer code results in the user’s ID being saved for the specific offer. By requesting or saving an offer code, no further personal data is stored. The monu privacy policy applies.