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We got to know each other through our studies in Vienna. Quickly, a friendship developed from an acquaintance, which made our everyday study life much easier. Apart from the funny moments and conversations we experienced, we were already able to gain our first experience in working together. We completed countless group projects very successfully, and of course fun was never neglected. A common interest, which we also discussed frequently, was the topic of start-ups. We watched almost all episodes of shows like “Die Höhle der Löwen” or “2 Minuten 2 Millionen” and also talked about different ideas for our own start-ups. Fortunately, our studies included many lectures and specializations regarding start-ups/entrepreneurship, which made a later start-up more and more realistic. What was a dream back then is now a reality. In 2019 we founded Motecso. The goal is to realize ideas that will help or support people in their everyday life. Currently we are working on our own projects, but we can also imagine an open innovation approach and thus the implementation of other ideas in the near future.

Alexander Kimmel


In programming, you are faced with new challenges every day, which makes you improve every day. That spurs me on, because I think it’s great when something works the way you want it to. Since you spend a lot of time sitting, you have to find a suitable balance. For me, this takes place in the fresh air. Playing tennis, running, mountain biking and strength training help me to keep a clear head. Furthermore, I really enjoy gardening, because you can slow down and experiment a lot. There is nothing better than fresh organic vegetables from the garden!

My programming-specific education started with electronics/technical informatics at the HTL and was extended with the bachelor’s degree in business informatics. I am very happy that I found a great start-up partner in Thomas, with whom you can realize your visions.

Thomas Teubenbacher


From a young age I have been interested in sports and technology of all kinds. Whether individual or team sports, game consoles or computers, they were and still are constant companions of my everyday life and provide me with a great balance. The contact and competition with other people has always been fun for me. I like to spend time in nature. Hiking in the mountains is a great change from city life. Lately I have also discovered “gardening” (as Alex would say) and cooking for myself.

Regarding my education, I first completed an AHS with a focus on languages and then a bachelor’s degree in business informatics. I like to set myself new challenges and I enjoy solving different problems together in a team. In Alex I have not only found a friend, but also the ideal business partner to be able to implement our ideas and at the same time have fun or enjoy our work.